Our sol­dier inves­ti­gates the life sig­nal he seemed to get on arrival, and decides what to do next. Continuing our nar­ra­tive of A Time Soldier’s Story.

One of the things that gets me about the new Who is how gloomy it can be. Sometimes that’s pretty cool. I won­der if I cap­tured this.

Extemporaneous, as usual. No scripts. You’ll note that in par­tic­u­lar here (in the first ep, you prob­a­bly heard one of my cats again); there’s a loud clat­ter dur­ing part of the telling which was some­thing being knocked over by a furry lit­tle nitwit. What sur­prised me was how clearly it got picked up in the record­ing. I did these ses­sions on the back patio, where I thought it would be rea­son­ably quiet. What the cat knocked over was inside. Dang, that’s a sen­si­tive mic.


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