…they’d begin to real­ize that some things will always be misogynistic.

You’d be wrong.

Because if it doesn’t smell like a car air fresh­ener, there’s no way I’m climb­ing inside it.

EDIT: This was appar­ently a mockup ad for a fem­i­nine hygiene prod­uct sub­mit­ted for an award, that some­how got leaked to a legit­i­mate ad site (Ads of the World) — see the com­ments. Evidently the actual own­ers of the actual prod­uct used in this mockup were incensed, and rightly so, by the misog­y­nis­tic presentation.

Fair enough; it seems to me that remov­ing the brand­ing ought to take care of their issues, but I do believe I’ll take a moment to soap­box here.

1. Do not ever release any­thing — even for a con­test (espe­cially for a con­test) — that might come back to bite you in the ass.

2. This trend I see among ad houses toward releas­ing ad mocks for com­pe­ti­tions has to stop. Either be hon­est enough to sub­mit real work, or stop pre­tend­ing to be ballsy and cutting-​​edge for the sake of the contests.

And by the way, guys — really poor taste on the ad, mockup or no.


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