Or at least my fel­low pas­sen­gers on the Lorelei, the steam­boat that fig­ures in Mark Siegel’s out­stand­ing web comic, Sailor Twain.

I mean, just look at this. Here’s the first page.

Staging in a cabin, and gen­uinely Wellesian light­ing and framing…

A leg­end brought to life…

…And the Lorelei, on the Hudson.

Now imag­ine page after page after page of this, com­plete with a com­pelling story of intrigue, romance, heart­break … and mermaids.

Anyway, here. These are M4A format.

Lorelei, Ella Fitzgerald

Bonus tracks!

Stormy Weather, Ella Fitzgerald

Lorelei, Tom Tom Club (dif­fer­ent song)

Suboceana, also Tom Tom Club

I got into Tom Tom Club mostly because Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth were also in the Talking Heads — which is one of the best bands from the sec­ond half of the Twentieth Century. They don’t have an oceanic obses­sion, but the con­gruity is fun.


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