Yes, that’s right. This is one of the things I actu­ally do for a living.

The back­story is actu­ally valid. Our occu­pa­tional health depart­ment offers, among other things, FAA flight phys­i­cals. Many of our local pilots seem not to know this, though, and are going to other cities to get the phys­i­cals done.

So to pro­mote our much-​​more-​​convenient local ser­vices, I decided to take the term “flyer” lit­er­ally and cre­ate an adver­tis­ing piece that can be folded into a work­ing paper airplane.

In order to even do that, though, I had to work up a two-​​sided tem­plate that has the folds marked and the inner, outer, upper, and lower sur­faces mapped.

Here are lit­tle thumb­nails of the results…

The white areas are con­tigu­ous places where graph­ics and copy can be placed with­out affect­ing the fin­ished, folded look of the plane. The pur­ple areas are con­tigu­ous inner sur­faces when the plane is folded; the grey areas are the upper wing sur­faces; and the blue areas are the under­side of the plane.

…And here’s a zip file (2.5 MB) con­tain­ing the tem­plates as PDF and Illustrator files.

I saved the Illustrator files back to ver­sion CS2. These are for­mat­ted to print full-​​page on US let­ter paper, 8.5 x 11 inches.

Have fun!


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