Been a while, no? Oh well. I won’t apologize.

Here’s a thing, though. I’ve been arty-​​ing around, you see.

This lit­tle work is an exper­i­ment with kinetic art, the dif­fer­ence being that my medium is code and the frame is your mon­i­tor. It’s 1620 x 1000 pix­els. Six minute loop.

Screencaps, you want? Here’s one:


I set the palette to be har­mo­nious, as you can see. (I left the swatches vis­i­ble in the first screencap.)

I was in a blue frame of mind, though not really in the emo­tional sense. I just like blue.

The type is a mix of Helvetica on the bor­ders, with a hand-​​traced inner mes­sage in 1.62 in the main frame.

1.62 is a type­face I’m play­ing with. You don’t have it, because I haven’t begun dis­trib­ut­ing it yet. I’m still mess­ing with the possibilities.

Helvetica is a type­face I’m kind of stuck with, at least for now, because it’s the least self-​​aggrandizing sans in the stan­dard browser arsenal.

As time goes on and I keep work­ing on these kinds of projects, I’ll be bet­ter able to set my own typefaces.

The devel­op­ment envi­ron­ment is Hype by Tumult. It gen­er­ates HTML5 and CSS3 ani­ma­tions and such. It’s like Flash, except (1) it doesn’t use a plu­gin; and (2) it doesn’t suck.

What’s six min­utes of your time?


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