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The Indigestible began in 1999, before any­one even knew what “blog­ging” was. Several hiati ensued, most hav­ing to do with resource paucity in the areas of (1) time; (2) energy and (3) ade­quate medications.

So here’s yet another launch. Over time I’ll be adding old TI pages so you can see what old­school think­ing I did.

Regarding the cat­e­gories — they try to be more or less catch-​​all.

  • Cock isn’t naughty. He’s just a char­ac­ter of mine that leaked into the blogspace.
  • Fiction is my place for sto­ries and other such … well, works of fic­tion. I do write things other than opin­ions, you know.
  • General Foolishness refers to the behav­iors of Earth’s most irri­tat­ing species.
  • Huh is more or less what it sounds like; things that made me say “huh” when I read them.
  • O, Pine With Me is where I tend to edi­to­ri­al­ize more than usual; it’s where I place posts that aren’t nec­es­sar­ily about a story or news piece so much as they are about an idea.
  • One Thousand Words is the catchall for my graph­i­cal, comic and comic-​​centric posts.
  • Reality Trumps ‘God’ is the cat­e­gory where I drop things that debunk super­sti­tions, such as … oh, I don’t know, maybe the belief in a deity.
  • UFnO is a baby cat­e­gory, just a cou­ple posts deep right now, where I state my rea­sons for doubt­ing that we’ve been vis­ited by aliens. It’s a con­trac­tion of “UFO? No!”
  • Why Culture Sucks is the home for my movie and enter­tain­ment rec­om­men­da­tions; the “cul­ture” here is meant to be American, mono­lithic mod­ern cul­ture, which really truly does suck. In this cat­e­gory I rec­om­mend alter­na­tives to the usual fare of shit com­ing from the net­works and Hollywood. A sur­pris­ing amount of my rec­om­men­da­tions are likely to be family-​​friendly, which strikes me as being quite odd.
  • Yoshi is where I put my escapades in the pre-​​adoptive and (I think even­tu­ally) post-​​adoptive process. I’m work­ing with state agen­cies on becom­ing an adop­tive par­ent, and here’s where I’ll say what I have to say. I chose Yoshi for the cat­e­gory because the word is Japanese for “adopted son”.
  • You Must Be F***ing Kidding is like Huh, only stronger.

Snarks are for one-​​offs and snotty com­ments; Burps are actu­ally asides.

I should note that my blogroll (Digestives for text, Biscuits for comics) might be unique in that it con­tains sites that I actu­ally visit and read daily.


Currently first-​​time vis­i­tor posts are mod­er­ated; most of the time I’m killing spam. If you have a blog of your own you know the type I mean. If your post doesn’t appear imme­di­ately, it’s just because I haven’t got to it yet. Don’t let that keep you from writing.

Followup posts by you will gen­er­ally pop up right away rather than going into the mod­er­a­tion pool; at least some of this has to do with the username/​email/​IP com­bi­na­tion you entered in your first soliloquy.

I’m not a fan of cen­sor­ship, so don’t imag­ine that you won’t have a voice if you want to dis­agree with me. Just try to keep it civil. Also note that I don’t include con­tent fil­ters, because they’re gen­er­ally stun­ningly arbi­trary, and the idea that the word shit is obscene but Scheisse is not is pretty fuck­ing ludi­crous. Just don’t get all teenage-Tourette’s on me.

Abuse, threats and the typ­i­cal stuff that wouldn’t be con­sid­ered accept­able in face-​​to-​​face social dis­course won’t be tol­er­ated here either. If you need to have such unac­cept­able things rig­or­ously defined, you are prob­a­bly either a lawyer or a sociopath, and shouldn’t try post­ing any responses at all. Just get your own blog.

Link Policy

Unless I explic­itly declare oth­er­wise, you are free to link here as much as you wish.

Spammers, as always, are excepted, because spam­mers, as always, are worthless.

If you want to sell some­thing, if you have an idea that you want to make money from, if you are push­ing Ciagra or Vialis, you are invited to take your pro­mo­tional mate­ri­als, fold them until they are all cor­ners, and shove them deep and dark into your most sen­si­tive areas.

For the rest of you, humans with ideas: If you find a com­ment I made to be good to link to, or if you feel you’ve put a par­tic­u­larly good reply in a fol­lowup to any post, you are wel­come to link any­thing any­where from any­where to any­where. This is an open and free dis­cus­sion forum, and link­ing to, fro and in between is encouraged.

I am a long­stand­ing pro­po­nent of the idea of free exchange. Put your ideas here. Post them as links else­where. If things seem too offtopic I’ll say so in the com­ments; until then, play, have fun, and link until your fin­gers fall off.

The Banner

It’s Earth from low orbit. You know. The planet we all share, the only one we know of that can sus­tain life. Curving grace­fully against the depth­less, life­less black of hard vac­uum. This is it; this is what we have; here is where we live; here is where we are.

Just a lit­tle bit of perspective.


Me as a South Park character(Image via Planerium.)

As for me — I’ve done dig­i­tal media stuff for more than a decade now, so I guess you could say it’s my career. I’m work­ing in the graph­ics depart­ment at the local com­mu­nity hos­pi­tal (actu­ally, I am the graph­ics depart­ment), and since the hos­pi­tal is a non­profit orga­ni­za­tion I’m able to live with myself — as opposed to how I felt about using my skills to fur­ther enrich cor­po­ra­tions that were already very wealthy, or how I would feel were I work­ing for, say, Halliburton.

I’m also run­ning a very small and eclec­tic press, night­wares Books, and occa­sion­ally pick up free­lance graph­ics, pro­gram­ming and web design work. I also free­lance teach at the local com­mu­nity college.

Contacts: On the front page. Look for it. Be smart. Remember I do Wii and Xbox and gmail. Obfuscated? Sure. Hidden? Nope. Any non-​​bot will find it in a trice. Religious idiots might take much longer than, say, intel­li­gent humans.

Guess who I want to hear from.


What I’m not is a sheepskin-​​bearing biol­o­gist, physi­cist or chemist; I men­tion this in the inter­est of full dis­clo­sure. I’m not tech­ni­cally qual­i­fied to know the details of, say, mol­e­c­u­lar biol­ogy — so some might find it per­verse or, at least, dis­en­gen­u­ous that I men­tion it when I say evo­lu­tion is a fact.


However, what I am is an avid adher­ent to the dis­ci­plines that have, at their core, the mer­its of the sci­en­tific method; I accept their results as being valid most of the time becase I’m aware of how rig­or­ous their rea­son­ing processes are.

And while it’s cer­tainly true that one need not be a sci­en­tist to com­ment on sci­ence or its gifts to the world, a healthy respect for the art is prob­a­bly nec­es­sary, and I think I have that respect.

Whether I’m a biol­o­gist or not, I’ve got enough pro­gram­ming in my his­tory to rec­og­nize good thought-​​work and engi­neer­ing when I see it; and enough graph­ics and writ­ing to know ele­gance is usu­ally beau­ti­ful not just because it strikes a chord but because it is sim­ple, par­si­mo­nious, truthy; and there­fore prob­a­bly valid.

I don’t pre­tend to try to know the details in a lot of the sci­ences I com­ment upon; what I do know is that those details are vet­ted by pro­fes­sion­als whose job it is to spy fail­ures in rea­son­ing. What I do know is that the sci­ences have given us elec­tric­ity, radio, the Internet, and flu vac­cines; there­fore, it’s rea­son­able to con­clude that the find­ings of the sci­ences are fac­tual, since their results inar­guably work.

What I do know is that sci­ence is a human endeavor and there­fore sub­ject to all our weak­nesses, con­ceits and fol­lies; yet it is innately self-​​correcting and, for that rea­son alone, con­sid­er­ably more trust­wor­thy in point­ing the way to facts than is even the most respect­ful polit­i­cal debate.

Scientists self-​​delude; sci­en­tists lie. Just like all the rest of us. And when they do, they usu­ally get caught, exposed and debunked very quickly.

And just as (for instance) I don’t have to be a mol­e­c­u­lar biol­o­gist to argue strongly and soundly in favor of the fact of evo­lu­tion, you don’t have to accept my claims as being true sim­ply because I utter them. I try to include links to rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion on sub­jects as I bring them up; you are wel­come to fol­low them, read their infor­ma­tion, and see for you­self if what I post makes even the slight­est shred of rationally-​​defensible sense.

And if it doesn’t, I hope you’ll do me the cour­tesy of adding a rebut­tal in the comments.