Here’s where I’ll be putting links to pages that I think are worth another look, a sort of famous list of the infa­mous, with com­ments. This is a more in-​​depth ver­sion of what can be seen in the “Stool Samples” sec­tion on the side.

A Library Containing One Book

Billy Graham has been an out­spo­ken — some might argue over­spo­ken — advo­cate for extreme right-​​wing Christian stu­pid­ity for nearly six decades. Now, as he pre­pares him­self to die, he’s fol­low­ing in the path of fools like Ken Ham and lion­iz­ing him­self with a museum ded­i­cated to his own inanity.

Arachnid Serendipity

This one gets a lot of search hits, mostly because it’s got some pretty clear, usable images of the Arizona Brown spi­der, the local vari­ant of the brown recluse. I found one in my home one night; here’s what happened.

Because Three Buttons and Pocket Lint Aren’t an Opening Deposit

It just breaks your heart to learn that Wal-​​Mart won’t be start­ing a chain of banks, unless you’re either

  1. Aware of their mono­cul­tural desire to take over all of cap­i­tal­ism; or
  2. Not a Wal-​​Mart stockholder.

Chaos Reigns as Dire Predictions All Prove True

The instal­la­tion, in 2006, of a Democratic major­ity to con­gress proved to be con­sid­er­ably less hor­rid than right-​​wing pun­dits pre­dicted … or did it?

The only rea­son you didn’t hear about the events described herein is that the Librul Medya done cov­ered it all up.

Dear Christians…

This one has been linked to more than any­thing else I’ve done so far, not in the least because of the delight­ful response from Abacquer, who cre­ated — spon­ta­neously, and in a fit of bril­liant elo­quence — an anal­ogy to the sim­ple study of mud­slides. Read it for his/​her reply alone.

Eggs for sale!

Back in 1999, there was a joke sale on eBay that was sup­posed to let bid­ders buy into a set of mod­els’ ova. So I sort of worked with that, and came up with this. The high­light from that post is prob­a­bly this:

Lot 5. The real Madonna. Immaculate. Price unat­tain­able per­fec­tion. Christian bid­ders only, please.

Gimme That Old-​​Time Religion Bashing

An older athe­is­tic rant in which I sug­gest ways to counter the memetic stu­pid­ity of the relent­lessly faith­ful. It takes a lit­tle courage — but we have facts on our side, while they just have a silly superstition.

It wasn’t they who prayed up a response to polio; it wasn’t they to whom angels revealed the heli­cal nature of DNA.

And, if the Bible, Koran or Vedics are truly divinely-​​inspired, how is it that not one of these books con­tains a sin­gle ref­er­ence to genes, the true engi­neer­ing mar­vel of evolved life? Seems a lit­tle silly that a god or gods who love to be praised for the elab­o­rate intri­cacy of his/​their works might have over­looked this one stun­ningly sim­ple, sim­ply stun­ning thing.

We know more about the planet Jupiter than we do about how pro­teins are made, yet those very same pro­teins are the basis of all life as we know it.

Humvees: The Vehicles of Dread?

Why do we get fat, when we know it’s bad for us? Why do we overindulge at McDonald’s when we know the diet is deadly? Why are we so afraid of famine, in our world of plenty, that we’ll kill our­selves just to have more than we need?

Do I know the answer? Probably not, but I’ve been think­ing about these questions.

Is Enough Ever Enough?

How far do we really want to go to exor­cise our demons? Is it worth it to damn an octo­ge­nar­ian great-​​grandmother in the name of pur­su­ing hor­rific war crimes more than six decades passed?

At what point does our pur­suit of jus­tice become an exer­cise in mind­less, bloody vengeance?


Posted 9÷11÷2006, my com­ment on how the WTC/​Pentagon attacks have become over­politi­cized — com­mer­cial­ized, even — pack­aged into the War on Terror™, and how it relates to the Spanish-​​American war of the early 20th century.

If his­tory is repeat­ing itself, maybe it’s not just a Viet Nam thing.

One of the Greatest we Have Today

An unabashed piece of praise for film direc­tor Alfonso Cuarón. If we had more like him, Hollywood wouldn’t suck any­where near as much as it does now (in terms of movie pro­duc­tion, at any rate).

Slobberings and Bile

Who but a ded­i­cated lefty would com­pare the deaths of Saddam Hussein and Gerald Ford?

The Question is Also What it Is, Not Just When It Begins

Why abor­tion is so com­pli­cated that there can­not be easy answers to address all con­cerns for all peo­ple all the time.

Before we can define what “sanc­tity of life” means, we have to start by decid­ing what we mean by life, par­tic­u­larly human life.

Welcome to 1050.

A dis­cus­sion on the way the Vatican is seek­ing to exon­er­ate all humans from the crimes of human­ity by sug­gest­ing that Hitler and Stalin were demon­i­cally pos­sessed, as opposed to sim­ply being bat­shit fuck­ing insane mass mur­der­ers with too much power.

Where is Molecular Biologist Barbie in All This?

The title speaks for itself. Why are girls taught that the sole mea­sure of their worth lies in how pretty they are?

Why They Hate Us #3,215

Just another cou­ple of rea­sons why much of the world loathes Americans.

Words to Think About

An exer­cise in free asso­ci­a­tion, with links that explain every set of words presented.